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Dalia Berlin

Dalia Berlin is enamored by every aspect of creation, from research to ideation, mixing colors as well as textures, and shaping each project into their final form. She has demonstrated an innovative way of drawing inspiration from Velazquez, one of the most celebrated masters from her birth country of Spain, as many of her signature pieces include a reinterpretation of the iconic figure of Las Meninas.

Whether working on two-dimensional canvases or in-the-round sculptures she seeks to deliver a modern-day rendition of the royal legacy of the past and deliver it with a fresh approach by mixing in global cultural references while exploring various art movements. She highlights the tactile language to engage the viewer through mixed media in her canvases and sculptures by using raw and up-cycled building materials.

For Berlin, the act of creating is a form of evolving escapism. Such is the immersive flow of energy she feels during the process, says Dalia, that when she takes a step back and looks at the progress, she often wonders how it magically appears in front of her.



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