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David Hugo

A former marine scientist, avid fisherman, committed conservationist, and at-home aquarist, David Hugo uses his connection with the underwater world as inspiration for his artwork. Hugo is a wildlife artist that focuses on depicting the underwater world through his art. Not surprisingly, most of his work is fish-focused. Whether it be conducting late night research many miles offshore in the South Atlantic, traversing the sub-tropical Pacific for days in search of bluefin tuna, or SCUBA diving the Caribbean waters in search of elusive Eagle Rays, Hugo has spent countless hours observing these organisms in the field. He uses these experiences as the foundation for his original art. From colorful side profiles of some of the deep ocean's most fascinating fish to crisp graphite pencil pieces highlighting some of his fondest fishing memories, he turns his experiences and knowledge into art that inspires both environmental appreciation and conservation. Hugo is currently engrossed in a multi-piece commissioned acrylic project focused on highlighting the diverse marine ecosystems of the eastern Pacific Ocean--one of the most species-rich marine regions in the world. This three-piece canvas project will showcase unmistakable regional imagery including towering kelp forests, underwater caverns teeming with sea stars and urchins, and, of course, some of the unique fish that call these waters home. Outside of art, David enjoys gardening and cooking. He is also a dedicated runner and triathlete and can be found spending much of his time running around the City of Richmond.



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