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Judy Scharite

I studied art as a child when my father recognized I had a talent to nurture. I loved art and went to various art studios and lessons. After graduating from Syracuse University where I majored in Painting, and armed with my BFA, I apprenticed and learned the ceramics trade. Many life changes, births, and deaths, have brought me to where I am now. Whether book illustrations, pottery painting, watercolors or acrylics en plein air and in the studio, creating art is just second nature to me. Living on the Jersey coast was where I found my passion for painting the beach. Now living in SWFL, my love of the beach continues to grow and inspiration from the ocean is non-stop. My paintings are not limited to canvas and paper. Walls, fabric, furniture, wood, metal, every surface calls me. Nature is my inspiration and color is what I love to manipulate.



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