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Milda Aleknaite

Milda was born in Lithuania. She began her studies in specialty art school in her hometown. Her education led her to attend the University of Siauliai, and to study Art Education and Technology�s for the BA.

To achieve more experience and broaden her vision she traveled through Europe and U.S. Her involvement in alternative art and multiple exhibitions, studies at home and abroad have been instrumental in the development of her unique style.

While she is adapt at various toms of artistic expression, her main concern centers around the texture of her work which she feels adds depth and captures an almost physical element to her pieces. Her paintings are sought after by many collectors in this area, adding additional validity to her work.

�Her Latest collection of abstract paintings is rich with texture achieved through the use of mixed mediums. Strands of gold-like threads and pieces of metal seem woven into her artwork. American patrons who enjoy her original interpretations have already recognized the evocative and almost sensual glow to her paintings.

Milda's art breaks down the plain white walls and leaves the viewer with an expanded view of peacefulness and contemplatation�

By Hannah Draeger Ross

Magazine� Gallery of the arts�

A resident of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for 5 years, Milda has become a member of several local art groups that include the Palmetto Studios Alliance and the Round Table art group, Collectors cafe all of which have opened the doors to her work to being shown to a wider audience.


Now she lives and works In Fort Lauderdale , Florida. She Join the Broward Art Guild .You can see her art works at the Leche �Vitrines Art Gallery.



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