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Nancy Boyle

Nancy Boyle, (Wayland, Mass), is a traditionally trained artist who explores a variety of mediums to express her visual ideas.

She grew up in Boston with the influence of family artists who studied and taught art in Boston. Exploring Boston on the T as a teen, she explored many sides of the city from the gritty to the elegant. Her animal characters are inspired by her travels and live in the fictional world of Nellenby.

Her landscape sketches and paintings are mostly inspired by New England. The cubist influence came from a love of Picasso’s art. It all makes for a wide mix of styles that put the fun in art creating.


BFA, Mass. College of Art & Design. Additional courses at DeCordova Museum in Lincoln; Danforth Arts, Kaji Aso Studio, Concord Art, Boston MFA, and numerous art mentors.


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