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Rashme Sawhney

Rashme continues to Persue art’s through self - education.  Living in Florida with her husband.  After her retirement as an auditor from Government Service, she decided to pursue her passion for oil painting. Rashme and her husband love to travel, and she will often use pictures from her travels as inspiration for her paintings.  As an emerging artist, she borders on both fine and abstract expressionist, often combining the two. She is a lover of nature and her work will often include  mountains, ocean, boats, underwater life, natural landscapes in oil and acrylic although she has recently started experimenting with alcohol inks. 

She prefers her paintings to be bright and colorful, and she utilizes brushstrokes as one of the key elements in her work. The amount of paint on the brush along with the calculated pressure and motion she applies marks her own personal style. 

When analyzing a painting, she first looks at the use of color, and asks questions such as which colors predominate, are the colors bright, subdued, light or dark, and how does the choice of medium affect the appearance of the finished painting. 



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