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Sara Schesser Bartra

Sara Celinda Schesser Bartra is a South Florida-based visual artist who transcends borders and considers herself a true citizen of the world. With a childhood spent in various countries across South America and Europe, Sara's vibrant upbringing ignited her passion for art, nurtured by a diverse family of accomplished artists who inspired her from an early age. As a self-taught artist, Sara's creative journey is a testament to her innate talent and boundless imagination. With a PhD in Molecular Biology and Microbiology, her scientific background adds a unique dimension to her artwork. Sara seamlessly weaves together the realms of science and art, incorporating the intricate beauty of the microbial world into her mesmerizing creations. To her, microbes are not just important but breathtakingly beautiful, and she believes in showcasing their significance and splendor to the world. It comes as no surprise that her artwork has found a place of honor in private collections across the globe. Sara's repertoire encompasses a diverse range of techniques, mediums, and themes. Among her favorite approaches is mixed media, where she unleashes her vivid imagination and creative prowess. Resourceful and adventurous, she sources materials from the most unexpected places, infusing her art with a distinct touch that captivates viewers and leaves them enthralled. In her recent body of work, Sara combines her scientific expertise with her artistic expression, forging a profound connection between these disciplines. Believing that humans are inherently visual creatures who comprehend the world through sight, she aims to merge science and art to illuminate the intricate tapestry of nature and explore thought-provoking societal narratives. Her goal is to foster a deeper understanding and awareness of science among the public, using her art as a powerful tool for education and inspiration.



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