Roderic Johnson


When one of my paintings, a watercolor entitled “The Huddle,” was selected as a Detroit entry in the national NAACP ACT-SO competition (1981), I focused on art as a career. I then moved to Atlanta to attend Oglethorpe University. However, my art ambitions were displaced by a passion to work for community change. With a Bachelor of Arts (Oglethorpe) and law degrees (City University of NY) my career spanned multiple states, and I worked with communities and philanthropic foundations. In 2000, I experienced a brain injury that left me with memory loss, eye damage, balance issues and a dysfunctional right hand – my dominant hand. With much support and therapy, I became more independent and, in 2007, taught myself how to create again--this time, using my left hand. In 2019, I had my first solo art exhibit of both newly-created and older works.

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