Marianela Perez


Marianela is a visual artist who has developed in the area of ​​abstract painting and photography. Exhibiting in groups and individuals in Caracas, Miami, NY, London, Madrid.

Born in Caracas Venezuela, she grew up surrounded by a tropical atmosphere full of color that inspired her from an early age her inclination to color and curiosity about the form making evident her aesthetics and her inclination for art.

She studied commercial art at Endicot College Mass, where he found his passion for painting, graphics and photography. Upon her return to Venezuela, motivated by her curiosity to want to discover more about her aesthetic instinct, she studied Environmental Design at the Villasmil de Leon School of Design in Caracas. Marianela also continues her painting studies at the art school of the Museum of Art of Boca Raton Florida and photography at the Roberto Mata Photography School in Caracas (RMTF).

She started doing gestural trend painting, where the color spots made reference to the vegetable world. Later I work a lot in digital art, superimposing images as collages. Color was decisive in these images.

Photography has always nurtured his work, since he uses it as a tool that allows him to access images that he later undergoes a process of transformation in various ways.

​In fact, photography nurtures all the abstract-geometric expression of his painting, since his references come from images he takes of everyday life, of the urban landscape, architecture, traffic and fragments of nature. It decomposes these images, deconstructing their shape, radically simplifying them to bring them to lines and angles.

For this reason, Marianela uses geometric abstraction not as philosophy or mathematics, but as a way of perceiving, thinking and interpreting reality; a way to give an aesthetic sense to subjectivity.

The geometric abstraction arose in his trajectory from an evolution, let's say, natural. From his first gestural pieces, of spots and colors, through photographic experience and digital work, the steps that triggered this "leap" to geometry were brewing.

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