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Anne-Lise Merchant


Anne-Lise Merchant, a French artist creates her oil paintings in Paris and more recently in Miami. Her painting reflects the richness of two different cultures, French and American. She brings a colorful perspective, like the Miami skies or the warm French countryside that she particularly likes. Attracted by the play of light and movement, her brush stroke is vibrant. For her, art is a permanent search. From an early age, drawing was at the center of her interest. She has received training in oil painting at the École des Beaux-Arts and from well-known French artists including M.Fréville and Gilles Marey. Instead of competing for her art at Beaux-Arts in Paris, she pursued law. She graduated with Masters in Law, but continued her passion and had her work critiqued by Jerome Lebelle. Having practiced business law gave her reassurance and comfort that art is what makes her happy.

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