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Dorian Firth


South Florida resident, Dorian Frith is an activist, rapper, poet and creative consultant and the host of a podcast. 

Though he was a child of the 80’s, some of his influences growing up included Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz otherwise known Malcolm X just to name a few.  For Dorian’s 11th birthday, his mother bought him a necklace with a charm in the form of X symbolizing the civil rights leader, who shares the same birth date as Dorian, May 19.  In his teens, the inspirations of Angelou and Hughes motivated Dorian to write his first rap songs. 

Unfortunately, these inspiring figures did not keep the motivations of the streets out of his far sights. During his twenties, Dorian made some dishonorable life decisions that changed the course of his life. It forced him to do a lot of soul searching and revisit his love of writing again. He pushed himself to write a play inspired by Angelou’s title of her poem, “Still I Rise”.  Soon after the transitions of personal growth in his life, Dorian had to bear the burden of the loss of his father.  Through this difficult time, he reestablished a relationship with his paternal cousin, renowned artist, Anthony Burks Sr.  Burks became Dorian’s mentor.

This new influence helped prove Dorian with the create tools to collaborate his thought with in the art world and expand his thinking even further.  He started attending art events such as Continuum PB Art Fair and Miami Art Basel as well as institutions such The Norton Museum, which forged an artistic connection with his writings. After this, he also connected with black entrepreneurs in the Pleasant City community and throughout West Palm Beach to learn and tell their stories. 

In 2020 with the Corona Virus crisis, Dorian decided to take a new leap of faith.  A Broward County group Choose954 expanded an affordable art studio program called Zero Empty Spaces. His mentor encouraged him to acquire a space so he can work on his art and his podcast entitled

The People vs. The Trenches.  Through the challenging year, Dorian started a new journey of collaborating art with his poetry through collage work. 
Dorian’s path in community story telling has just begun. Reality gave him a detailed balance on black life and culture.  With the knowledge of self and an uplifting spirit, he now knows that his mission is to inspire change in a humble way.

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