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Lupe Lawrence


At the age of six, I saw "Hay Wain" by John Constable and was mesmerized. I recall sitting for hours and staring at the painting while tears rolled down my face. I thought, "This is so beautiful." In that instant, I knew I wanted to be an artist to create artwork that would stir up the emotions in others that "Hay Wain" had stirred up in me.

I began to express my artistic desire during high school but was quickly discouraged by an art teacher who told me that I did not have the talent to make it in art. Those words crushed my dream; my artistic talent sat untapped for many years.

It was when a crisis later in life left me feeling empty that I began to search my soul and ask, "what would make me happy?" Remembering my childhood dream of being an artist, I picked up the paintbrush again. I began taking classes at Covenant School of the arts and, to the chagrin of that art teacher, discovered that I did indeed have talent!

Fascinated by the contrasts made by light and shadows, I was inspired to begin painting pieces that would transport you, the viewer, into a serene setting that evokes a tranquil environment and stimulates a sense of peace amidst our chaotic lives. I enjoy experimenting with different mediums such as pastels on silk and wood, turpentine with color pencil, and rediscovering the pigment the masters used: such as lapis lazuli and mummy brown.

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