Amy Robinson Steinmetz


Amy Robinson Steinmetz, Natick, MA, has created her novel brilliant designs since the early 90s; Amy is self-taught and trusts her subconscious, (experiences, visual memory, & nature) to influence her compositions. Amy began with pen & ink drawing designs on scraps of paper, restaurant menus, & "change of shift" reports while working inpatient psychiatry until 2019.

​Her work got bigger gradually more colorful (&serious) and required more space; Amy set up space In her yard in order to accommodate these larger works. What is rather astonishing is Amy's ability to create, for the viewer, a panoply of color, balance, & bright mood- Amy has never seen things in 3-D, yet much of her art has depth & portrays 3 dimensions. Amy is the "Amy" who co-created the public art mosaic in Downtown Natick, "Smiling Faces".

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