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Jennifer Love Gironda

Jennifer Love Gironda earned her BFA (2001) and MAEd (2009) in Art Education from East Carolina University where she focused on textiles as her studio concentration. Jennifer is an art teacher, has been selected as Teacher of the Year twice, received a Palm Beach County Muse Award for Arts Education and also a Hermitage residency from the FAAE. Jennifer committed to creating a piece of art every day in January 2012 and to date has created over 3600 pieces of daily art, which she has shown in various solo, and group shows in Florida and North Carolina. In recent years, she has focused on fashion illustration for her work, working in traditional materials such as watercolor but also in non-traditional materials such as coffee and wine. Her fashion illustration work was recently featured in WILMA magazine (Jan 2022) and selected for a billboard in Leland, NC.

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