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Arielle Charris

Born and raised in Zephyrhills, Florida and now resides in Jupiter, Florida. Both of her parents and maternal grandmother are artists so naturally she followed in their footsteps. Arielle creates art to heal and enhance the well-being of others and herself. Her creativity became the declaration of independence while transitioning to being a single mother of two and the source of inspiration for her children. Painting is an intimate experience for her which forges a connection to a higher power.

The connection between spirit and art is akin to that of the Creator and creation. Through that connection the power of art heals, inspires, provokes, challenges, and even offers hope. Arielle�s paintings provide an opportunity to begin a dialogue about spirituality and healing from within. She seeks to capture the energy of life with vibrant contrasting colors and provocative compositions. The creative process of each painting becomes a path in her journey of self-discovery.



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