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Question: What is required to be an artist in Zero Empty Spaces?

​Answer: Artists are required to submit an application demonstrating they are currently an artist looking to participate in our working artist studio spaces. If accepted, artists are required to pay the first months rent, a one month security deposit, and one time $25 admin fee. Upon moving in, artists are required to cover the floor in the area they paint in, be respectful to their studiomates, and show up to work in the space atleast one day per week between the public hours of 12-5PM. Artists have 24/7 access to the space, but are required to do their part in helping keep the studio open and active daily between our public hours.


Question: What mediums are allowed in Zero Empty Spaces?

​Answer: Approved mediums are: acrylic, oil, mixed media, assemblage, collage, textile, calligraphy, water color, pen in ink, color pencil. and any mediums that fit within the commercial zoning of the space. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate wood work, metal work, open flame, spray paint, photography, and other mediums that are better suited for an industrial zoned space.


Question: Can I get a tax deduction for donating space?

​Answer: Unfortunately not at the moment as, Zero Empty Spaces is a for-profit business but we aim to make tax deductions available in the future.


Question: How can I intern at Zero Empty Spaces?

​Answer: Email with the subject line: Internship Opportunities outlining the experience you are looking for and where you are located.


Question: How can I volunteer at Zero Empty Spaces

​Answer: Email with the subject line: Volunteer Opportunities


Question: How do I apply for studio space?

​Answer: Learn more about applying for studio space here. When you fill out the application you will receive an email confirming receipt of your application. Your application remains valid and on file for three years.


Question: How do I get my property in the Zero Empty Spaces program?

​Answer: Learn more about getting your space in the Zero Empty Spaces program here or email us at When you fill out the application you will receive an email confirming receipt of your application. Someone from the Zero Empty Spaces team will then reach out to set up a phone call.


Question: How long will I have the space?

​Answer: Space is leased on a month-to-month basis with 30 days' notice to vacate once a permanent lease is signed on the space. Although, many of our spaces are leased to us on a one-year lease term, with multiple spaces having now been activated for 3+ years.

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